How to Choose Mountain Bikes for Beginners

Cycling is now a very popular hobby among urbanites. In fact, many have also made bicycles part of their lifestyle. Whether it is used as a means of transportation to the office or a means of recreation to unwind, cycling or more familiarly called gowes, has become a trend loved by modern society.


Before purchasing a bike, consider how many times you plan to experience. Bi Cycle prices can fluctuate drastically; the amount of money you spend on trek multitrack bike should ride on how many times you plan on using it. The next matter to check on would be your regions you will be riding. This decides the type of bicycle you're going to want.


However, buying a bicycle should not be arbitrary. This is because there are several factors that should be considered to ensure that the bicycle you buy really fits the needs of the cyclist. So, for those of you who are planning to buy a mountain bike, but are afraid of the wrong choice because you feel you are still a beginner, let's take a look at the following tips!


Gather Information About Popular Mountain Bike Brands


To broaden your horizons around mountain biking, gather more information about mountain bike brands that are popular in the market. First, try to find information about quality local mountain bike brands. Check the options, then move on to imported brands. By knowing all that information, of course, you will have more references about which brands will be suitable as traveling friends.


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Pay attention to the bicycle frame size


Most people, especially beginners, are usually confused when asked to determine the right frame size for their body. This is natural because people of the same height can wear different frame sizes. In addition, the size chart for each mountain bike brand is not always the same number system. Therefore, if you want to know the right frame size, first check your height. Only after that, check the length of the inseam by taking the size from the toe to the groin area. The results are then matched with the frame geometry table from the brand that is to be purchased.


Check the Ideal Contact Point for the Body


This is also an important thing that you should pay attention to when choosing a mountain bike. So, these contact points are the three points that will intersect with the cyclist's body, namely the saddle, handlebar and pedals. For pedals, this section can be adjusted according to individual tastes. However, you should choose a clipless pedal, which has been shown to increase pedaling efficiency.


Meanwhile, for the handlebar, which functions as a steering control, make sure the size fits your shoulder width. Even for saddle selection, sometimes you can't immediately find one that really fits. This is because the saddle, which initially feels comfortable to wear in the first 20 km of the trip, may become uncomfortable to sit on after more than 40 km.


Choose the Right Tire Wheel


26, 27.5, and 29 inches are standard mountain bike wheel sizes. However, a tire diameter of 27.5 inches is the most popular option because many manufacturers produce frames for that tire size. Apart from diameter, tire width is also an important reference when choosing a mountain bike.


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For example, a wide tire can provide better acceleration when used for cornering or facing steep terrain. Unfortunately, tires with a wider surface will make the bike heavier when traveling through the asphalt track. Also, this type of tire will make mud or other materials easily stuck and trigger friction which will later affect the speed of the bicycle.


Thin and thick tires also need attention. The advantage of using thin tires is that you can more easily maneuver while cycling. This is because the tires are light and easy to rotate. This type of thin tire is also usually used to cover longer distances or to climb quickly. For that, make the points above your consideration in determining the right tire wheel.


Consider the Budget


To determine the right mountain bike, budget is also an important point that you must carefully consider. So in this case, you must choose wisely between the best or ideal specifications. The best specifications are of course offered at a high price, but that doesn't always suit your needs, especially if you are still in the beginner group or are not someone who focuses on cycling as a hobby.